About Us

UnitedTouch, Inc., is a pending 501 C(3) Non-Profit Organization, and was started after my mother passed away, on December 22, 1999. Its' inception was actually done before, with her blessings. A few months before she passed away, we had discussed this, as my Grandfather [her father] had built Blood Bank, Hospitals, and a small school, in the city, in which he lived, and his village, it was something she always felt proud of, in doing. Helping the ones that need help, especially the children. The difference between what my grandfather did and what we can do, was that we feel, and believe that a government, no matter how well thought out, cannot run institutions like this, efficiently. There are many times, if you go to that Blood bank, there is not even a pint of blood. This is not what he had is dreams set on. This is not what he earned his good money and put this into. Dreams should never be allowed to die, no matter who that individual is or where they are from. Once given to a Governmental Agencies, items cannot be relinquished back.

When other people, even stranger, donate their hard earned money, to be put to good use, it should be, done EXACTLY that way. We feel NGO [Non-Governmental Organization] can operate this much more efficiently and less expensively. So, began UnitedTouch, Inc., in my mother's dream as well as mine. She never saw it come to light, and I cannot let it dim away. With her or without her, I know her thoughts were true and innocent as a baby's or any other child, when you look into their eyes and heart.

With the help of my family, we began this venture, but to make sure, that first people knew that this was not to put money in our pockets. Second, to really set out to do what we can, in our abilities and accomplish them! We can only get started in different project, with your help and support. If it is Volunteers time you can give, come join us. If it is Money, send it to the Projects that your heart goes out to. If you work for a company that can help, introduce us. If you work for a pharmaceutical company, help us get the medication needed, to wipe out many of the diseases, that exist, thorough-out this world!! If you know someone, anyone at all, introduce him or her to us. Every ounce of energy and every Dollar helps. As little as seventy-five cents ($0.75) a day, helps tremendously!! If you can give more, give more. Every penny is tax deductible to you. I want you to have the same feeling in your heart, as I do in mine, when we finish, and then start managing these projects. Go to our page on Project Details and see what soothes your heart!

– Mr. Satish Singh