UnitedTouch, Inc., is the leader and power of change, in the business of caring. Not just by words, but by actual action. We say what we do, and we do what we say. This is hard to find, in any other, Non-Profit organization. We look for innovative approaches or ways that have yet to be pursued. We explore alternatives and seek new ways to solve community problems. Ways to find out how to truly do the job, without wasting of money. We do not and will not offer or give, in any way shape or form, Money, to Government or Government Agencies, in the United States of America, nor else where, in the world. We feel there are better ways to shape and form, the unbreakable alliance, with the truly needy. Whether educational, medical, food or any other humanitarian needs.

Help us in managing these endeavors! We seek volunteers, with a lot heart and desire, to really not only help the helpless, today, but also teach them how to stand up on their own feet, tomorrow. If we are lucky, then one day, they will come back and help us help others, do the same. Even if you feel you can't help, you would be surprised how just a few minutes to a few hours a day, can make that difference. Every bit of energy, and money, helps, to accomplish this. We are not and do not want to be someone's welfare system. We educate the young, and teach the elders, how to manage their lives, and be independent and free. Freedom is something we can never lose, but lets not leave the helpless behind.

It is a long road, and we cannot do this without you help and energy, from your generous heart. None of our owners, nor any Board members, take a salary. If a salary is required, as in some states, they are set at a maximum is one U.S. Dollar per year ($ 1.00). Look around and see how many Non-Profits actually do this, and live up to their words and deeds. We are not here to put your hard earned money, into our pockets. Rather make it work for us, in a changing world, to help the ones that cannot help themselves!!! So help us raise the money, food, medical supplies, and other items, so that we can utilize them, properly. Won't you go to our Donate page and make that donation? Maybe if you let us into your hearts, you or your company can resolve this problem, in our lifetime. See our Projects button on the left, and tell us what interests you. We may be able to this together!